New York Supplies

New York Supplies

Brand New Roller with Trucks for Kluge 12 x 18, 23 shore  hardness

Part NYS-KG1218- R-508-50.8-23WRT




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Delivery Gripper Pad for Heidelberg MO

 photo MODeliveryGripperPads_zpsee9e0236.jpg

Feed Pile Crank Handle for Heidelberg GTO

 photo FeederPileCrank_zps8750f63c.jpg



9 digit Straight Backward for Heidelberg GTO

and Morgana

 photo HE-GTO-048G8SB3S_zps0017fa07.jpg

Impression Blanket for

Heidelberg Offset Printing Presses

 photo HeidelbergGTO-46BlanketBar6_zps78072048.jpg

Washup Tray Hold Down Screw

for Heidelberg GTO

 photo NYS42-013-020_zps0fbf1460.jpg


Numbering Unit Roller for Heidelberg 
GTO 46 Printing Press

 photo 5x9CiceroNYS22800-00025_zpsd6f75f85.jpg photo 5x9CiceroNYS22800-00025_zpsd6f75f85.jpg


Spring for Heidelberg GTO-46

Variable Speed Pulley

 photo HeidelbergGTO-46BlanketBar6_zps78072048.jpg

Part #NYS-HE-GTO-9049-S

Cutting Sticks for Polar Cutters

Part #NYS-HE-PC76-CS770.4P5.10

Main Power Switch for

Heidelberg Printing Press

 photo NYS42-013-020_zps0fbf1460.jpg photo NYS42-013-020_zps0fbf1460.jpg


Pin Wrench Printing Presses

24 cm long x 6 mm diameter

 photo NYS42-013-020_zps0fbf1460.jpg

Part#: T-6mmPW2

Complete Sheet Steadier Brush for

Heidelberg GTO 46, GTO 52,


 photo HeidelbergGTO-46BlanketBar6_zps78072048.jpg

Part #NYS-HE-2269F

Sheet Separator Holder for

Heidelberg GTO with Stream Feeder

Part #NYS-66.028.105F

Pressure / Lay Adjusting Spanner (Short)

for Heidelberg S, M, SM


 photo NYS42-013-020_zps0fbf1460.jpg


Printer's Magnifying Glass


 photo NYS42-013-020_zps0fbf1460.jpg

Part:   NYS-T-PMG

Limit Switch for Heidelberg GTO Offset Printing Press

Used for missed sheet detection

Connections for common, normally open

(NO) and normally closed (NC) wires.

 photo NYS42-013-020_zps0fbf1460.jpg

Part:   NYS-HE-GTO-LS1

Roller Truck for Heidelberg Windmill Platen Press

Original size trucks

 photo NYS42-013-020_zps0fbf1460.jpg

Part:   NYS-HE-WMT-RT-2

Ink Motor Key / CPC Ink Ductor Motor

for Heidelberg Quickmaster Press

 photo NYS42-013-020_zps0fbf1460.jpg

Part:   NYS-HE-71.186.5121

Gripper Pad (Swing Arm, Impression,
Single Transfer Cylinder, Double Drum)
- Polyurethane Tipped for Heidelberg GTO

 photo NYS42-013-020_zps0fbf1460.jpg

Ink Motor Key for Komori Printing Press

 Application:  Lithrone 26, Lithrone 40

 photo NYS42-013-020_zps0fbf1460.jpg

Gripper Holder Assembly for
Komori Printing Press

 photo NYS42-013-020_zps0fbf1460.jpg

Ink Fountain Blade for

Heidelberg GTO-46

Part #NYS-HE-42.008.017F

Cutting Sticks for Polar Cutters

Part #NYS-HE-PC76-CS770.4P5.10

Leibinger Model 46

4x8 Cicero Plunger Numbering Machine


Part:    NYS 22800-00007

Dampening Cover for

Heidelberg GTO and KORD

Fits all dampening rollers 45-50mm in diameter

Length: 17.5 meters

 photo HeidelbergGTO-46BlanketBar6_zps78072048.jpg

Part # NYS-DC-C175M

Flat Base Numbering Machine (Straight) with Adadpter

for Heidelberg, Hamada, Ryobi, Multilith, Morgana

Complete Sets Available

Flat Base Numbering Machine (Convex) with Adadpter

for Heidelberg, Hamada, Ryobi, Multilith, Morgana

Complete Sets Available

Brand New Leibinger Model 20 4x8 Cicero

Numbering Machine with Low Plunger, 6 Digits, Gothic type,

Backwards, Sinkable Zero

Part #NYS 22800-00063


3.85mm Rotary Numbering Machine

(Straight, Backwards, 7 digits) for Heidelberg GTO-46,

GTO-52, Quickmaster Offset Printing Presses

3/16" Rotary Numbering Machine

(Straight, Backwards, 10 digits) for

Heidelberg GTO, Hamada, Ryobi, Multilith

Offset Printing Presses

Automatic Numbering Machines

6 Digits - Backwards

Swing Arm Gripper Foot for Heidelberg GTO


 photo NYS42-013-020_zps0fbf1460.jpg

Part:   NYS 42.013.020-W

Variable Speed Pulley for

Heidelberg GTO-46

 photo HeidelbergGTO-46BlanketBar6_zps78072048.jpg

Part #NYS-HE-GTO-9049,

Part #NYS-HE-42-090-049F

13mm Wrench for Heidelberg GTO

Quick Action / Speedy Plate Clamps

Part #NYS-T-MW-13mmP-1

Ink Fountain Clutch for Heidelberg

GTO46 GTO52 Offset Printing Press

Part #NYS-HE042.008.005F

Roller with Trucks for Kluge 12 x 18, 23 shore  hardness

Part NYS-KG1218- R-508-50.8-23WRT